Member Benefits

Benefits include a new trading platform, a diamond price guide, and a member rating system for fair and safe trading.

  1. Trading platform – More clients to be exposed to your stock, easier to sell, easier to buy. Improve and optimise diamond trading to improve sales and grow your business.
  2. Stone Price Guide – price guide for buying and selling diamonds in Australia
  3. Rating system – rate/review sellers and buyers for fair trading.
  4. Advertising/video space & links to member websites
  5. Introduction of arbitration – dealers and retailers
  6. Affiliation to WFDB – DDCA is the only official Australian representative of the diamond industry
  7. Complimentary entry to bourses worldwide
  8. Online Forum/discussion board
  9. Use of the WFDB’s statement re natural diamonds
  10. Work toward protecting the reputation of the entire industry
  11. Members have access to international bourses directly, for trade or protection through the membership for arbitration by the WFDB.
  12. Members are able to promote and use their personal WFDB mark.