Rami Baron

Rami Baron is CEO of both the Australian Jewellers Consortium and Q Report Jewellery Insurance. Originally from Vancouver, Canada, Rami studied Bachelor of Business Studies at the University of Technology in New South Wales. A third generation jeweller, Rami owned and managed a retail store as well as being involved in importing, exporting, manufacturing and the wholesaling of jewellery. Through this journey, he converted his knowledge to the operation of insurance related activities within the jewellery industry.

Rami is currently the President of the Diamond Dealers Club of Australia (DDCA), and was integral to its induction into the World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB) in May 2008. In 2012 Rami was part of the team responsible for WORLD DIAMOND MARK TM initiative, a new WFDB marketing plan created for the world diamond and jewellery industry. Rami was elected to the executive committee of the WFDB, the first Australian to ever hold such a position. In 2012, he was promoted to Vice Chairman of the WFDB Promotional Committee, and in May 2016 at the 37th World Diamond Congress in Dubai, Rami was elected Chairman of this committee. At the same congress, he launched the International Young Diamantaires (YD) initiative.

Vice President

Craig Miller

Mr. Miller joined the family business in Johannesburg South Africa, which was a DTC Sightholder for many years, after finishing his University degree. He started his career as a manufacturer, and in the trading of rough diamonds. Mr. Miller is a second generation Diamantaire, with his father, Desmond Miller, being chairman of the Diamond Club of South Africa for many years. Seeing how devoted his father was to the industry inspired Mr. Miller to follow his father’s footsteps and do the same. Mr. Miller is deeply passionate about the industry and values the importance and responsibility that we all have to ensure our children will aspire to be part of what we do in the diamond industry. As Vice President of the DDCA and a member of the Young Diamantaires group, Mr. Miller contributes as much of his time as possible to the greater industry. Today his company, JC Jewels Pty Ltd., supplies loose diamonds and diamond jewellery to retailers across Australia and New Zealand. Mr. Miller engages technology and innovation to assist his clients, the retailers, in selling more diamonds.

Chairwoman of Promotion

Adriana Traviati

Dr. Traviati’s passion for diamonds and precious gems first began during University where she studied a Bachelor of Science with Honours in Geoscience, before the commencement of her PhD in Exploration Geophysics. During University, she worked in the Fine and Engagement Department of Tiffany and Co. before leaving to begin her own business in the diamond industry, working with clients internationally to custom-source diamonds, and create exceptional custom-made pieces. She has since been appointed to the board of the Diamond Dealers Club of Australia (DDCA), has visited the Venetia Diamond Mine in South Africa by invitation by the De Beers Group and has visited the Ellendale Diamond Mine in the Australian Kimberley. Dr. Traviati has also been involved in the Young Diamantaires group, and provides mentorship for young professionals seeking to enter the international diamond industry as well as those seeking to enter the diamond exploration industry at the upsteam level internationally. She was recently named as one of Rappaport’s 2020 ‘People of the Year’ and is passionate not only about upstream diamond mining and provenance, but also about consumer education and challenging norms thereby evolving the industry for the next generation. Dr. Traviati is the first member of her family to become involved in the diamond industry, and is a pioneer for other first generation female scientists and jewellers.